Ideas Lab: Open for Application

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Call for applications to participate in a five-day Ideas Lab focusing on the challenge “Children of mentally ill parents”

Applicants should have up to eight years research experience after their doctorate or equivalent qualification. Applicants should not feel limited by conventional perceptions of research performed in this field; the Ideas Lab approach is about bringing together people who would not normally interact.

Call for Applications: now open until March 8th 2017 !

Please find more information here !!!


LBG announces a four-year funded interdisciplinary research programme focusing on mental health of children and adolescents with specific focus on:


The hereditary and environmental conditions of disease outcomes


In order to facilitate the successful start of excellent research, LBG plans to host an interactive and free-thinking workshop event, called an Ideas Lab. During the Ideas Lab, a selected group of scientists from a diverse range of disciplines, will come together to immerse themselves in an exciting collaborative thinking process.

In this creative environment, the Ideas Lab will aim to create innovative solutions to address the defined research challenges. The five-day Ideas Lab will take place on 24-28 May 2017.


Contact Details
If you have any further queries, please get in touch with our Ideas Lab team. Find all the information at the new website.