Structure and Organisation

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) is a private non-profit society. The parent organisation of its research institutes is a private limited company (GmbH), which is wholly owned by the society. The LBG’s board of directors oversees the strategy of the society and its institutes. Members of the board have backgrounds in industry, politics, the media, academia and research. Two general managers head up the team at LBG’s central office, which is responsible for administration and legal matters.

 Institutes and clusters work independently on research programmes that are agreed and evaluated in accordance with central guidelines. A flat hierarchy, transparent decision-making within the institutes and the central office facilitate efficient processes which keep bureaucracy to a minimum. Each institute and cluster is treated separately for accounting purposes. Quality assurance procedures were put in place as part of the society’s strategic reorganisation.

The LBG central office

The LBG central office provides operational and administrative support and handles all legal matters. This largely consists of drafting and concluding contracts – for example funding and cooperation agreements – as well as human resources administration. The office processes all contracts of employment and contracts for services. It also provides guidance on human resources and management issues. An accounting and controlling department ensures that financial management and accounting processes are carried out correctly. As well as providing day-to-day administrative support to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes (LBIs) and Ludwig Boltzmann Clusters (LBCs), the central office is responsible for external communications as well as the operational aspects of implementing the LBG’s strategy and of research performance evaluations. It also supports LBIs and LBCs with their public relations work, liaising with them to coordinate efforts and ensure they are integrated into ongoing external communication activities.