At the Ideas Lab, LBG gives affected individuals a voice: Children of mentally ill parents share their everyday experiences

Just another two weeks until the event: International researchers representing a wide range of disciplines will convene at the Ideas Lab to develop innovative research approaches to the subject matter “Children of mentally ill parents.” During this interactive workshop, 2-3 research groups will be established with the aim of researching societally relevant topics on children and adolescents mental health over the next four years. Scientists had submitted a total of 136 applications for the event, from which 30 were selected and invited to develop innovative research ideas with affected individuals and their relatives.


Figure Disciplines & Countries: International researchers (blue) representing a variety of disciplines are joining forces to develop innovative research projects. Researchers from 15 nations are participating in the Ideas Lab.





The community will once again be integrated into the Ideas Lab to provide authentic insights into the everyday lives of and challenges affected individuals find themselves confronted with: Two adult children who have a mentally ill parent are sharing the experiences as well as their expectations with the research group. An actress will also assume the role of a patient to provide an additional impulse and to test new conversational techniques with the participating researchers in an interview.

During the event, the scientists will have the support of mentors, international experts representing a variety of pediatric and adolescent health fields, who will provide ongoing feedback on the developed project ideas in the Ideas Lab:

Isabella Deuerlein

Co-founder and Managing Director of IPOM and Psychoanalyst, Germany

Sophie Dix

Research Director, MQ: transforming mental health, UK

Michael Gregor Kölch

Head Physician Ruppiner Kliniken, Professor Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane, Germany

Darryl Maybery

Director University Department of Rural Health, Professor Rural Mental Health, Monash University, Australia

Joanne Nicholson

Professor of Psychiatry, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, USA

Andrea Reupert

Assoc. Professor, Programs Director of Psychological Programs at the Krongold Centre, Monash University, Australia

Torleif Ruud

Emeritus Professor, Division of Health Services Research and Psychiatry, University of Oslo, Norway


The community plays and will continue to play a deciding role in the Ideas Lab – just like it does in the crowdsourcing field. Affected individuals and family members will collaborate with the research teams with the objective of developing mutual research concepts. This community dialog is an essential component of the efforts to come up with innovative solutions for societal challenges!


Open Innovation in Science Initiative (OIS Initiative)

In 2012, the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft launched an initiative on the subject of open innovation in science, which is constantly gaining in importance. Two pilot projects have now been successfully implemented: The crowdsourcing project "Talk to you!", where new research questions on mental health have been generated and LOIS (Lab for Open Innovation in Science), a training for scientists, on how open innovation methods can be used in science. The "Open Innovation in Science Research and Competence Center" (OIS Center) was founded as a pivot for the OIS Initiative. The research program "Mental Health of Children and Adolescents" is currently selecting research groups in the format of an Ideas Lab.



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